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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Hathor temple Dandara

The temple of Dandara is one of the largest temples in Egypt.

It is one of the temples that was not influenced by geographic factors or wars.
The temple is surrounded by a brick wall of 1200 meters long.
Inside this wall, things other than the temple itself complement its splendor.

Temple complex, 

Its beauty is attributed to the Eleventh Dynasty, the Ptolemaic chamber and the Cleopatra bath, as well as the birth house of the 30th Dynasty and the birth home of the Roman era. A chapel, a Coptic church from the fifth century AD and another birth home for King Nakhtanbo, the Temple of Isis, a group of water wells and a scale of the Nile.


It is considered a legend in the architectural architecture of the Pharaonic inscriptions The magnificent and magnificent roof and beautiful columns and beautiful Entrance,
which completely reflects the splendor of ancient Pharaonic architecture,
which is not comparable to any other building in short is the largest and most wonderful in Egypt.
The temple of Dandra is known to the archaeologists of the temple of Goddess Hathor, goddess of love,
beauty and motherhood among the ancient Egyptians. The temple is located in Qena, south of Cairo.
It was built over five thousand years ago and was considered a holy city for Egyptians at this time.
It is composed of several temples and religious buildings The area of ​​40000 square meters is close to the banks of the Nile,
although it was created by the Pharaohs and specifically in the era of the last Pharaohs Egyptians
The façade of the temple of Hathor is one of the finest ancient pharaonic facades of temples.
Its width is 35 meters and its height is 12.5 meters. The façade of the temple is topped by huge columns,
the highest of which are crowned with drawings of the heads of the god Hathor and the columns that carry the roof of the temple hall.


The temples consist of the entire temple of Dandara. These 18 columns surround a group of rooms, which are used to provide offerings such as food,
incense, and liquid offerings such as water, silver lanterns and all objects presented to the god Hathor.

The Ceiling of the Dandara temple is an innovative masterpiece that paves the door for tourists.
It is one of the most prominent architectural antiques in the history of ancient Egypt. You can reach the upper ceiling by the stairs of the walls of these stairs, decorated with statues of the priestly processions,
as they ascend the stairs carrying Hathor statues in wonderful Pharaonic inscriptions





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